PocketVac - Brand New!! This is the now the smallest vacuum sealed Tightvac. It easily fits into your pocket and is just the coolest little Vac! Great for Prescription medications, Vitamins, Cosmetics travel, Homeopathic medicines, Herbs and Spices.

Smell proof * Air Tight and Super Water Resistant - Sucks out air as the cap is pushed down, creating a vacuum seal - Super cool modern design - Keeps food and herbs ultra fresh - Extremely strong and durable - Push button down and pull off - Its that easy! Vacuum Seal the Deal!!

Size: 0.06 liter Vitavac - 3" tall x 1 5/8" diameter. Exactly 1/2 the size of the Minivac.
Colors: Clear, Black, Blue Tint, Green Tint, Red Tint

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