Wikka Essence Extractor Boxes and Wikka Humidor Boxes are the finest pollen extractors you'll find. They are available from Purple Haze in a number of sizes and finishes.

The Wikka Essence Extractor box allows easy essence extraction from a variety of herbs. Collect tiny pollen crystals from dried flowers so you can make your own incense, potpourri discs and/or holistic remedies.

The Wikka Humidor Box has thick walls which provide a buffer between the ambient air and the inside of the box, keeping the precious contents fresher for longer. There is a moveable wall which will slot in anywhere in the box to create a new compartment.

By fusing the superior form and function of the Ryot Humidor the Wikka Humidor System satisfies all your storage needs in one stylish lockable box.

Wikka Humidor and Extractor Boxes display all the characteristics of fine construction, including a thin seam between the upper and lower halves, along with beautiful finishes.

All Wikka Humidor Boxes Feature:
  • Secure lock & Key (includes spare key)
  • High quality reinforced quadrant hinges
  • Versatile accessory storage compartments
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