Smoking Blends, Papers & Wraps

Purple Haze carries various blends of loose-leaf tobacco, pipe tobacco, and rolling tobacco for the RYO (Roll-your-own) smoker; Specialty cigarettes/cigars such as American Spirits, and Djarum Cloves; and Shisha Tobacco, a smooth, sweet molasses based hookah tobacco in a wide variety of mix & match flavors.

Additionally, Purple Haze stocks a huge assortment of rolling papers, cigarette tubes, filter tips and the best blunt wraps in natural, rice, hemp, clear and flavored styles for those who prefer to roll their own cigarettes or cigars as a cheaper, healthier alternative to pre-made cigarettes and cigars.

Please click on any of the categories below for more information. These tobacco products, rolling papers, and the best blunt wraps are not available for purchase online. Please visit any of our convenient locations to purchase any of these items.

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