Water Pipes & Bubblers

Bubblers and water pipes, through the use of water, have been proven to greatly decrease the negative effects of smoking tobacco. The tobacco smoke is filtered though the water, reducing the amounts of tar and toxins inhaled, thereby lessening the damages to the body.

Purple Haze offers a huge variety of color changing glass custom water pipes and bubblers as well as a huge variety of inside out bubblers and scientific waterpipe styles. Our glass custom water pipes and bubblers are hand blown with great skill and care by top local and nationwide glassblowers such as Nebula Studios, Playing with Fire Studios, Cornerstone Glass, Solidified Glass, Delta9, Amsterdam Design Studios (ADS), HVY Glassworks, pH(x), Illusions Glass, Tsunami, Pure, KO Glass, Flo Diffusions, Swagger, Medicali, Zob, and and many more highly skilled artists and glassblowers.

These custom water pipes and bubblers are crafted from the highest quality borosilicate (pyrex) available. We offer many styles including diffused downstems to increase airflow, ground glass (glass-on-glass) fittings for custom water pipes and bubblers, 4-arm, 5-arm and 8-arm diffused tree perks, stemless water pipes, natural bubblers, inline bubblers and many more cutting edge styles! Our selection is always changing as new items are arriving daily. Come check out our huge selection and take home that new piece to add to your collection today!

Click on any of the product categories below for additional information. Please note - this section of the website is under construction and new categories are being added each week! Purple Haze's extensive selection of water pipes and bubblers are not available for online purchase. Please visit any of our convenient locations to purchase any of these items or view the specific styles available.

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