Protective padded bag pouches and cases to help keep valuables clean and protected. The soft padded bag pouches and hard cases help to protect glass and ceramic items from breakage, lengthening the life of the product.

Each padded bag and hard case style is unique and made from high quality fabrics and custom made in every possible design and pattern. These zipper and drawstring padded bag pouches and pillows from Red Mountain Threads, Vatra and Headcase/RYOT are a must-have to keep your valuable glass pieces safe from harm!

Fully PADDED and Professionally sewn using only the finest fabics, these amazingly fun badded bag pouches add style and pesonality to your collection, and the stash pillow designs are the perfect addition to any room d├ęcor.

Please click on any of the padded bag pouches or hard cases below for additional information or to place your order!

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